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Schiff lobbies Chief Justice Roberts to rule on questions of executive privilege Score picks, bold predictions and fantasy tips for every Week 3 NFL game

Schiff lobbies Chief Justice Roberts to rule on questions of executive privilegeRep. Adam Schiff, the lead House prosecutor, called on Chief Justice John Roberts to expedite rulings on any disputes between Congress and President Trump over witness testimony and documents, if the Senate votes to allow them.

What to watch for in every game. Bold predictions. Fantasy advice. Key stats to know. And, of course, score predictions. It's all here for Week 3.
China’s Coronavirus Keeps Spreading but the WHO Still Won’t Declare a Global Emergency Belichick cuts presser short after AB questions

China’s Coronavirus Keeps Spreading but the WHO Still Won’t Declare a Global EmergencyHONG KONG—The Chinese government has imposed transit bans on at least eight cities to limit the spread of the contagious coronavirus that has killed at least 26 people as of Friday afternoon and surfaced as far away as the United States, where one case is confirmed and two are under observation. Yet the World Health Organization still has not declared a global health emergency.New Suspected Coronavirus Cases Pop Up in Two StatesIn China, the youngest fatality is 36 years old, and patients are dying outside of the province where the virus first appeared. Enormous metropolitan centers like Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou are on alert to try to limit the spread of the illness, but Chinese authorities so far have not been able to wall in the contagion that has erupted during the massive holiday travel season ahead of the Lunar New Year on Saturday.Wuhan, where a now-shuttered meat and poultry market saw the origin of the outbreak, was the first city to undergo mass quarantine on Thursday; anyone who attempts to leave the city without permission from the government can face up to seven years in jail. Public transportation services were also halted in nearby Huanggang, Ezhou, Xiantao, Zhijian, Chibi, Jingmen, and Qianjiang. In all, more than 26 million people are in the quarantine zone.People who managed to leave Wuhan before the lockdown told The Daily Beast that the lack of reliable information from state-run news sources compounded the chaos that was felt in the city this week. “Healthy adults seem to recover just fine,” one man said. “But we didn’t know about the scale [of infection] or what to be cautious about.”After the Wuhan mayor came under fire for mismanaging matters during the outbreak’s onset, city-level officials in other parts of the country aren’t taking any chances. In Guangzhou, a major city in southern China, officials are actively locating travelers who entered the city after leaving Wuhan, even requiring those who display no symptoms to undergo self-quarantine for two weeks—the maximum incubation period for other deadly coronaviruses, known as SARS and MERS, that together infected many thousands and killed more than a thousand during epidemics in previous years.Coronavirus Patient Had Close Contact With 16 in Washington StateThe World Health Organization has been monitoring the spread of the virus. But after two days of deliberation, the WHO said it is not time to declare an international health emergency, even though outside of China there are confirmed infections in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, and Singapore, as well as in the United States.Elsewhere, suspected infections have appeared in the Philippines, Malaysia, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Australia, and Italy. Officials in the Philippines are in the process of repatriating 135 Chinese nationals who flew into the country from Wuhan earlier in the week. At a press conference held in Geneva on Thursday, WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom said, “Make no mistake. This is an emergency in China, but it has not yet become a global health emergency. It may yet become one. … It is likely that we will see more cases in other parts of China and other countries.”Declaring a global health emergency would be a blow to the international legitimacy of the Chinese Communist Party, whose officials in Wuhan initially downplayed the severity of the contagion’s spread only for higher authorities to later institute a quarantine that is impacting tens of millions of people. A WHO declaration would demand a “coordinated international response” to combat the spread of a disease that threatens the well-being of large populations. It also means there are “implications for public health beyond the affected state’s national border,” and countries around the world have an obligation to respond as quickly as possible.We now know that the coronavirus can be transmitted from human hosts to other humans and that infection can lead to complications that result in death. We also know that about one-quarter of the people who have been infected develop severe symptoms. But scientists are still trying to identify the virus' other key characteristics. For now, it is unclear just how infectious the virus is, or, critically, at what stage of infection a person begins to spread it to new potential hosts. Airports around the world are screening arriving passengers by checking their body temperatures, but that measure may not be an effective way of isolating potential coronavirus carriers if they are not exhibiting symptoms.China’s National Health Commission released some details about the first 17 people who died after falling sick, and some of them did not run fevers. The virus’ incubation period—possibly between one and two weeks—also means it can lie dormant in human bodies as they travel across borders or continents.Hospitals in some parts of China—particularly in Hubei, the province where cities are under mass quarantine—are slammed with people seeking medical tests or assistance. These facilities are short-staffed, and supplies are far from enough to handle the volume.The fear is that cramped hospitals, like those in Wuhan and surrounding areas where hundreds pack into a waiting room for hours on end to seek tests or medical assistance, can lead to a spike in infections, possibly even cultivating a “super-spreader”—an individual who is extremely contagious and infects a disproportionate number of people, particularly in densely populated areas.In the United States, officials have identified suspected infections in California and Texas on top of the country’s first confirmed case in Washington state. The traveler who arrived at Los Angeles International Airport departed Mexico City on an American Airlines flight and was taken to a local hospital while experiencing flu-like symptoms. In Brazos County, Texas, a student of Texas A&M University has been isolated for precautionary testing.The Chinese central government said it will build a new hospital in six days specifically to treat coronavirus patients. It will be modeled after a facility constructed in Beijing in 2003 to handle the SARS epidemic. For now, hospitals in Wuhan are asking for donations of medical supplies—surgical masks, protective goggles, and more. Doctors and nurses are stretched thin, and they’re waiting for any assistance that can be had.Read more at The Daily Beast.Get our top stories in your inbox every day. Sign up now!Daily Beast Membership: Beast Inside goes deeper on the stories that matter to you. Learn more.

Patriots coach Bill Belichick's patience ran thin. He walked off after fielding seven questions about Antonio Brown's off-the-field issues. "I'm good," he said. "Thank you."
Chinese people are turning on the government as the coronavirus outbreak spirals into the Lunar New Year Sources: Yanks' German won't pitch again in '19

Chinese people are turning on the government as the coronavirus outbreak spirals into the Lunar New YearAn unprecedented quarantine during the biggest festival of the year is proving a breaking point, as a fearful public faces the spreading virus.

Right-hander Domingo German will miss both the rest of the regular season and the postseason following his placement on administrative leave, sources told ESPN's Buster Olney.
A 'messy' winter storm bringing snow and flooding may cause travel delays across Northeast Flame out: NFL field pyrotechnics get brief ban

A 'messy' winter storm bringing snow and flooding may cause travel delays across NortheastExpect travel delays, heavy rain and possible flooding in the Northeast over the weekend as a slow-moving storm moves east.

The NFL has placed a temporary ban on all flame effects and pyrotechnics used on its playing fields as it investigates a fire at the Tennessee Titans' Nissan Stadium in Week 2.
Damaged By Drone Strike: Suleimani's Sainthood Is Now Being Questioned DC floats Lamar-Mahomes as next Peyton-Brady

Damaged By Drone Strike: Suleimani's Sainthood Is Now Being QuestionedIran’s brand is thinning among the Shi’a and Suleimani’s departure creates breathing room for the Shi’a in the region.

Ravens defensive coordinator Don "Wink" Martindale is looking forward to Sunday's showdown between Lamar Jackson and Patrick Mahomes, saying it could be sports' next great rivalry, a la Tom Brady and Peyton Manning or Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier.

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    The Importance of Free Press in a Democracy

    Before we can understand the importance of a free press in a democracy, we need to grasp what it means to have a free press. The Cambridge Dictionary tells us that a free press allows all media outlets to express whatever opinions they desire. That means, it says, that they are enabled to “criticize the government and other organizations.” So why would that be relevant in a democracy?

    Unfair Questions or Democracy At Work ?

    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” -- The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution

    Why U.S. Engagement Policy Is The Correct One

    Invariably, when one thinks of the efficacy of a nation’s military, the mind’s eye is drawn to the ability of that country to deliver a \"warhead onto the forehead\" of their enemies. Indeed, owing to the Pentagon’s slick packaging of the First Gulf War, modern conflict, in the American mind, became synonymous with high-tech toys, grainy videos of successful missile shots, and a quick resolution of hostilities.

    Capitalism and The Wealth Gap

    When it comes to the efficient delivery of goods and services, capitalism is the proven economic model that puts people to work and products on the shelves. Whether those jobs end up paying enough money to purchase the items on those shelves is another matter, however.

    Living Wages Are A Global Problem

    The recent protests for an increased minimum wage are part of a larger global protest. The purpose is the same for low wage earners all over the world; increase wages to match the cost of living, and allow workers to form unions if desired and needed. The global protest has gained media attention all over the world, but critics claim that is the only accomplishment the movement will have.

    Ukraine: Not What It Seems

    After tense days of fighting this week, people in Ukraine are mourning the dead and celebrating the removal of President Victor Yanukovych from power. The final struggle that began on February 18, was the bloodiest endured by the protesters of Euromaidan. By February 22 the fighting was over.

    Religious Freedom Bill - Protecting The Faithful or Legalized Discrimination?

    After a much heated national debate, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer vetoed the controversial bill that would have allowed people and businesses in the state to refuse services to LBGT people based on their religious belief.

    Coup Or Civil War In Egypt

    The day after new protests erupted in Egypt the military in a show of support presented an ultimatum to Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood-led government. Morsi was to step down from power and meet all of the demands of the Egyptian people, or face being removed by the military on Wednesday. As the ultimatum deadline draws closer in Egypt, Morsi refuses to leave, insisting that parliamentary elections are needed before he should be removed, and that he doesn't have permission from the United States to remove himself from power. Most recently he stated he will pay with his life to preserve the sanctity of the ballot box.


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